Clash of Clans Secrets

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By slowing down the footage, you can clearly see the new level 12 archer tower. LIKE IF YOU ARE EXCITED!

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►FREE LEGAL GEMS: and then enter code d62098

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This channel is all about Clash of Clans strategy, daily gameplay, army guide, troop compositions for attacking and more! I also do subscriber base reviews. I will and do review TH 3, TH 4, TH 5, TH 6, TH 7, TH 8, TH 9, and TH 10.
<br />Apart from that my overall focus relies on the following troops: Barbarians, Archers, Goblins, Wizards, Balloons, PEKKA or P.E.K.K.A., Dragons, Golems and more to come! I also use the Barbarian King and Archer Queen as dark elixir troops when needed.

Since spells are also available, I do like to use them when strategically helpful. My favorite is the lightning spell due to it being effecting against Clan Castle, Dark Elixir storage, and taking out splash defenses. Sometimes I will use a Rage spell, Healing spell or Jump spell. Seasonal spells are also more powerful and last for a limited time, such as Santa’s Present.

Clash of Clans Secrets