Clash of Clans Strategy

iTunesArtworkClash of Clans is a free to play city building game created by Supercell.  It is your task to guide the development of a viking encampment into a thriving city state, battling goblin hordes and eventually other players as well.

Farming Resources

Resources allow you to build your clan, wage attacks, and perform all the basic functions of the game. The management of your resources is important. There are four types of resources: Gold, Elixir, Dark Elixir, and Gems.  Gold, elixir and dark elixir all have buildings that are used for farming and storing.

Gold is used to construct buildings, defensive structures, and to upgrade buildings. Gold is measured by the yellow bar at the top right corner of the screen. Gold is collected by building gold mines and stealing gold from attacking others players.

Elixir is used to construct buildings, create military unites, and upgrade buildings. Elixir is measured by the purple bar at the top right corner of the screen. Elixir is gained by building elixir collectors and stealing elixir from attacking others players.

Dark Elixir is a rare resource, and it is hard to obtain in steady and consistent amounts without a Dark Elixir Drill. Even with multiple drills there is really only one way to obtain large quantities of Dark Elixir quickly, and that is to steal it.

Gems are the currency of the game and available for in-game purchase. Gems can be used to hurry construction or traded directly for gold and elixir. Conserve your gems when possible — unless you plan to purchase more. If you do not have gems to hurry construction, you must wait periods of time until you can make another move.

Defense Strategy

Building your village takes time. Builders must be available to construct buildings and continual construction is an important function of the game. To create a building, tap the shop icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen to open the shop menu. Buildings costs gold and elixir to start construction and gems to get things done quickly.

Defensive Structures

Prepare your village for enemy attacks in multiplayer.  Building cannons, archery towers, walls and other defenses is the key to defending against an enemy attack.  Place defensive structures in a way to maximize their effectiveness.  A good strategy when building your village is to build ALL your structures close together. Doing this gives you an edge in defending your village because, for example, if your village is compact your turret can defend more buildings at once.

Removing Obstacles

The space available to build in your village is restricted by obstacles strewn around the map.  These obstacles — trees, rocks, ruins, etc — can be removed by tapping on them and spending the required amount of elixir or gold.  This will allow you to expand your village.

Upgrading Buildings

By tapping on an existing building you will have the option to upgrade them in exchange for elixir or gold.  Be sure to do this.  Structures are not very effective at low levels.

Attack Strategy

Grow your army and prepare your troops for battle.  Barracks allows you to train your troop and army camps are a staging area for trained troops.  The Laboratory is where to research upgrades for troops and spells that will make your army stronger and faster. You can eventually unlock and train up to 10 types of troops that can be used in attacks, each of which handles opponents obstacles differently. Like structures, troops can be upgraded in exchange for elixir and time.

During an attack tap to deploy troops on the opponents map. Once deployed you cannot control your attackers. Each type of trained soldier has different stats and prefers different targets.

Single PlayerSingle Player

The map on the left is for Clash of Clans single player mode.  Each node on the map is another goblin village for you to destroy.  The troops you build at the barracks can then be deployed against these goblins.  Destroying a goblin village grants you gold and elixir.


Attack other players in multiplayer, you and your army will be matched up against an enemy village of similar experience.  Destroy these villages to collect gold, elixir, and trophies. Be careful though, once you decide to attack, your village becomes vulnerable to attack too.

Other Tips

  • Learn from being attacked. If your village is attacked you will be notified. Tap the “letter” icon at the lower left of the screen to view your Battle Log. From there you can watch a replay of the attack to see how well or bad your village defended the attack.
  • There’s no penalty for rearranging your village. Try new layouts to better your defense.
  • The clan castle needs to be repaired before you can join a clan. Rebuild the clan castle and create a clan to invite friends or join an existing clan.

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Hello. I've always wanted to have more gems in order to speed up the production. I've spent all my gems, but a friend told me that he found a good hack for this game, that will also give me unlimited gold and elixirs. So I said, why not? And, surprisingly, it worked: 

meghankrane moderator

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